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I’ve been thinking God is giving us this extraordinary time for a reason. For the first time in our lives we are preparing for Holy Week and Easter on our own. It is natural that many of us, especially those who live alone, may feel lost and lonely.  God does not want us to sit in misery in this isolation, and let our souls starve.

It is important to remember that God is close to us. He knows our hearts are hurting.  God Himself, in the person of Jesus, experienced loneliness in all its most painful forms.  God’s Heart is a home for lonely hearts. It is a place where He can work with us. Where He can change loneliness to solitude.

There is a big difference between loneliness and solitude. Loneliness is negative. The feeling of being cut off from others. We are conscious of all that is missing in our lives. Solitude is the state of being alone, without being lonely

Solitude can be an experience of being enriched, creative and fulfilled.

Experts list 5 positives to be gained from embracing SOLITUDE in a positive way:

  1. Solitude helps you get to know yourself : you make choices on your own without  being concerned about outside opinions or influences.
  2. Solitude can improve relationships: studies show we can develop more compassion for others, when we think about them during solitude.
  3. Solitude is helpful to be creative and productive : with no-one around we can try new (even slightly crazy) things e.g. paint, write, change the furniture.
  4. Solitude improves psychological well-being : people who are happy in their own company become mentally stronger.
  5. Solitude gives you a chance to plan : you have time to reflect on your goals, dreams and aspirations. You can prioritise your own values. You can plan short-term or long-term for your life.

Let us try to remain positive and connected, by whatever ‘non-contact’ means we can. This whole situation, the whole world,  is in God’s powerful, loving and healing hands

Reflection from Sr. Delia

We support the endeavors of the Royal Commission to bring healing to victims of abuse.
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