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A Brief History Of Holy Trinity Parish

A Brief History Of Holy Trinity Parish

Late in 2010 Fr Tony Spierings, the Parish Priest of the twinned parishes of St Catherine’s – St Paul’s, announced that he was resigning from the role at the end of the year.

In December 2010 Fr Michael Sierakowski convened a meeting of some of the parish leaders of St Paul’s, St Catherine’s and St Peter’s, to discuss the possibility of all three parishes combining.

At that meeting it was agreed that Fr Michael would approach the Archbishop with such a proposal, including that we would explore a different model from that used in the “twinning” of parishes previously.

The Transition Leadership Community (TLC) was formed largely from the three leadership teams in each of the parishes of St Peter’s. St Paul’s and St Catherine’s.

It convened for its first meeting in March 2011 with the task of exploring the possibility of restructuring the three parishes into one new parish, subject to the agreement of parishioners, who would be invited to parish meetings, and the approval of the Archbishop.


Sept. – Oct. 2011: The first Parish consultation focused on parishioners’ experiences of Church, which included the question: “What would you like your regional Church (now ‘Trinity’) to look like?”

The responses were collated and distributed to the three communities. They were also “chunked” for later purposes of review in the context of a parish pastoral plan.


November 2011: The second Parish consultation focused on “What we value” in each community. The purpose of this consultation was to develop a vision statement for each community, and an overall Vision and Mission Statement for Trinity Parish.


January 2012:     The documentation of outcomes of the Transition Leadership deliberations, along with the documentation of the processes conducted by the three parish primary schools, was presented to the Archbishop by Fr. Michael. A request was made that the then, three parishes, be combined as one parish composed of three faith communities. After consultation, our recommendation for the name of the new parish was ‘Trinity Parish’.


April, 2012:         In April of 2012, the Archbishop, following consultation with his advisory bodies within the Archdiocese, issued the ‘Decree Amalgamating the Parishes of Bentleigh, East Bentleigh and Moorabbin into the new Parish of Holy Trinity’.


June, 2012:         ‘….the Decree taking effect on Saturday 2nd June, 2012’, Holy Trinity Parish was constituted a parish on the weekend of Trinity Sunday, 2nd/3rd June, 2012.


July/August 2012:        The Transition Leadership community finalized the processes, based on those of the Brisbane Archdiocese, to develop a Pastoral Leadership Team for Holy Trinity Parish. The August meeting was the final meeting of the Transition Leadership Community.


Sept./Nov. 2012:         The various processes, as outlined in ‘The Brisbane Model’, were instituted with a view to forming the Pastoral Leadership Team.


December 2012: The Pastoral Leadership Team for Holy Trinity Parish was constituted with a view to their first formal meeting being held in February, 2013. It met informally in December and was missioned at various Masses throughout Holy Trinity parish.


February 2013:   First formal meeting of the Pastoral Leadership Team.


April 2013:          Election of office bearers of the Pastoral Leadership Team finalized.


February 2015:   Presentation of the Pastoral Plan to Holy Trinity Parish